“Best Historical Novel” – Lovey Award Winner

Robert Goldsborough author of "Terror at the Fair" 2012 Lovey "Best Historical Novel"As the publisher of the Snap Malek series, I am thrilled and honored to announce that at the Love is Murder 2012 Conference, Robert Goldsborough accepted the Lovey Award for “Best Historical Novel” for book five in the Malek series, Terror at the Fair.

As a long-time fan of Robert Goldsborough’s wonderful additions to the Nero Wolfe series created by Rex Stout, it was more than a thrill to put Bob’s original historical mystery series into print, and each one in the series since. Snap Malek quickly became one of my favorite characters in the historical mystery genre, earning a place next to Nero Wolfe on the podium in my mind.

When we first published Three Strikes You’re Dead, nothing could have pleased us more than being there when Bob won the Lovey Award that year at Love is Murder for “Best Historical Novel.” What this tells me is that  Robert Goldsborough has definitely got what it takes to tell entertaining stories and to create unforgettable characters. It would appear that mystery readers agree with me on that.

Congratulations to Robert for this latest honor, and I, for one, look forward to many more outstanding novels written by this acclaimed author.

With great pride and respect,

Karen L. Syed, President
Echelon Press LLC


2 thoughts on ““Best Historical Novel” – Lovey Award Winner

  1. Hi Bob, I know it has been years since we have seen each other at one NU event or another. I do want you to know how much I have enjoyed the Snap Malek books.

    If you have a chance, contact me via my email address below. It would be nice to renew an old friendship.

    Vicki Weisenberg

  2. I first met Bob at the Tribune’s Printers Row Book Fair about 4 years ago. He talked me into buying “Three Strikes You’re Dead” that day. We have purchased and enjoyed all the Snap Malek books. I look forward every year to meeting Bob at the Printers Row Book Fair. I hope he and Luisa Buehler will consider doing a Murder Mystery at the Mansion someday at the Robert McCormick Museum at Cantigny Park in Wheaton.

    Les Starkovich
    Volunteer at the Cantigny Park Visitor’s Center

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