Some Nice Words from Publishers Weekly

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*Starred Review*

Did you know  that in its Nov. 25, 2013 issue the trade journal Publishers Weekly gave a starred review to my latest Nero Wolfe novel, “Murder in the Ball Park.” PW is most selective in handing out its starred reviews, and I was honored to again receive that merit, which also had been awarded to my “Archie Meets Nero Wolfe” a little more than a year earlier.

The PW reviewer called my latest effort “superb” and went on to say that in the storyline “the investigation follows the dynamic of Rex Stout’s originals, with Archie (Goodwin) dutifully reporting back to the sedentary genius (Nero Wolfe) before a gathering of the suspects in Wolfe’s West 35th Street brownstone for the satisfying denouement.”

I hope readers agree the PW assessment of “Murder in the Ball Park,” which came out January, both in print and as an e-book.

You can also find several of my previous Nero Wolfe books on

27 thoughts on “Some Nice Words from Publishers Weekly

  1. Nice to see PW agrees with my enjoyment of Murder at the Ball Park (-: Hope this motivates you to give us another couple of NW stories to brighten declining years. John Lenz

      • Hi again, Bob–received my copy of “Stop the Presses” yesterday, the mail delivery initiated hours of enjoyment of this latest Nero and Archie adventure. Many thanks for providing us Wolfe fans with continuing quality mysteries featuring our favorite fatty and his loyal leg man. John

  2. I just got my copy of Archie in the crosshairs today in the mail. I read where the actual display date is to be March 10th. So to comment to jwmurray: I guess that is why nothing has bene said yet..

  3. 3-6-15
    Mr. Goldsborough:
    I am currently reading an early “uncorrected proof” copy of your latest book “Archie In The Crosshairs”……. E-Bay is a wonderful place.
    At the beginning of the 4th Chapter, it says that Orrie Cather is among the few people that Wolfe INVITES (as in currently) to dine with him. WELL, Mr. Goldsborough, Orrie Cather killed himself (by arrangement) in the book BY STOUT “A Family Affair” dated October of 1974. Read towards the end of Chapter 17. I think you need to talk to your research assistants.

    As a side note: I have ALL of Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe novels, and have read each of them numerous times. I am still reading them. I own ALL of your Nero Wolfe Novels, and re-read many of them as well. I still re-read them as well.

    • Hello, Carol,
      In the author notes at the end of the book, I note that this story is set in the mid-20th century, the 1950s, a good 20 years before Orrie’s demise. As to research assistants, I’m afraid I have none, but I have read–and enjoyed–all of Mr. Stout’s novels and novellas. And I thank you for your kind comments about my work.
      All best,
      Robert Goldsborough

  4. I am 79 years old and devoured all the Nero Wolfe books as they came out. I had them all in paperback, now I have them all on my Kindle… including yours. They are excellent.
    Note: I always wondered what Wolfe would do if Cramer was framed for murder.

  5. Hi, Bob, just finished more careful re-reading of “Archie in the Crosshairs”..It’s a masterpiece of character definition! This time I outguessed you, remembering Wolfe’s picking up on a casual comment by a suspect to pin a murder on him, but that didn’t quell my enjoyment of more Wolfe and Archie.

    • Hi John,

      My 2016 Wolfe novel, “Stop the Presses!”, is scheduled to be published in March by Mysterious Press and Open Road Media. It centers on a controversial NY newspaper gossip columnist and threats on his life. I’m currently working on a possible 2017 Wolfe story as well. Please feel free to let any other Wolfe aficionados know about this. And thanks as ever for your interest.


      • This is GREAT news!! I can hardly wait for you newest Nero/Archie story.! Thanks ever so much for writing new yarns for us.

  6. Mr. Goldsborough.
    That’s great news. I don’t see it listed on Amazon yet. Many of us would like to make an pre-release purchase.

    Thanks for many hours of entertaining reading.

    Jack Murray

    • I noticed your new book in an email from this blog yesterday and my copy from Amazon will arrive tomorrow. I wish you well and look forward to many more.

      Jack Murray

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