Some Nice Words from Publishers Weekly

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*Starred Review*

Did you know  that in its Nov. 25, 2013 issue the trade journal Publishers Weekly gave a starred review to my latest Nero Wolfe novel, “Murder in the Ball Park.” PW is most selective in handing out its starred reviews, and I was honored to again receive that merit, which also had been awarded to my “Archie Meets Nero Wolfe” a little more than a year earlier.

The PW reviewer called my latest effort “superb” and went on to say that in the storyline “the investigation follows the dynamic of Rex Stout’s originals, with Archie (Goodwin) dutifully reporting back to the sedentary genius (Nero Wolfe) before a gathering of the suspects in Wolfe’s West 35th Street brownstone for the satisfying denouement.”

I hope readers agree the PW assessment of “Murder in the Ball Park,” which came out January, both in print and as an e-book.

You can also find several of my previous Nero Wolfe books on

9 Responses to Some Nice Words from Publishers Weekly

  1. John Lenz says:

    Nice to see PW agrees with my enjoyment of Murder at the Ball Park (-: Hope this motivates you to give us another couple of NW stories to brighten declining years. John Lenz

  2. jwmurrayjr says:

    What he (John Lenz) said!
    I’m reading The Last Coincidence” again for the “umpteenth” time.

    Thanks Mr. Goldsborough!

  3. Wonderful review for a wonderful book and a wonderful author. thanks again to Robert Goldsborough and the Stout family for continuing the unique Nero Wolfe series.

  4. morleysplace says:

    Well deserved words, I might add–I enjoyed the read and I’ll be searching out more.


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