Stop the Presses! by Robert Goldsborough


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Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin are tasked with protecting the most hated columnist in New York City

There are few people Nero Wolfe respects, and Lon Cohen of the New York Gazette is one of them. So when Cohen asks for a favor, the famously brilliant—and notoriously lazy—detective is inclined to listen. According to Cohen, someone wants to kill the Gazette’s gossip columnist, Cameron Clay. Death threats are a regular hazard for Clay, who’s hurled insults and accusations at every bold-faced name in the five boroughs. But the latest threats have carried a more sinister tone.

The columnist has narrowed his potential killers down to five people: an egomaniacal developer, a disgraced cop, a corrupt councilman, a sleazy lawyer, and his ex-wife. But when Clay turns up dead, the cops deem it a suicide. The bigwigs at the Gazette don’t agree, so they retain Wolfe and his indefatigable assistant, Archie Goodwin, to figure out which of the suspects had the mettle to pull the trigger.

“Outstanding….Goldsborough again demonstrates an impressive ability to emulate Rex Stout’s narrative voice.” —Publishers Weekly

“Mr. Goldsborough has all of the late writer’s stylistic mannerisms down pat.” —The New York Times

“Goldsborough does a masterly job with the Wolfe legacy.” —Booklist

16 thoughts on “Stop the Presses! by Robert Goldsborough

      • Robert.. I have every Nero Wolfe book and every Snap Malek written so far. Do you anticipate either character appearing in a new book anytime soon. I still treasure the book you autographed for me


      • Hi Robert,
        I have completed a Nero Wolfe book titled “Murder, Stage Left” and set against the backdrop of a Broadway play. It will be published in 2017.

        Thank you again for your support,
        Robert Goldsborough

    • Robert, thank you So Much for keeping the Nero Wolfe flame burning! I love your books, you have a rel command of Archie’s style of narative.
      Of the latest books I really enjoyed your telling of the story of Archie and Wolfe’s first meeting!

      • I appreciate your kind comments. Regarding my book “Archie Meets Nero Wolfe,” that project had been in my thoughts for years. Rex Stout left only a few details on how the two of them met, all of which I used. Then I added details of my own to flesh out the story. It was very enjoyable to write.

        Robert Goldsborough

  1. Just bought your newest and can’t wait to get home to dive into it. I am so glad you have kept Nero and Archie alive for those of us who are life-long fans (though you began reading Rex Stout a few years earlier than I did.
    Judie R
    Medill School of Journalism
    Class of ’63

  2. this is a great offering to the wolfe canon.  I loved the final conversation between Wolfe and Cramer.  This has been years in the making.  Finally, two old lions sit down and appreciate each other.  I would love to see more of Cramer’s world, say Him or his wife accussed of murder, and Wolfe steps into Cramer’s world, a world not unlike Wolfe’s (with plants,etc.) but on a smaller scale.  Thank you so much for writing this series.  When Rex Stout died in 1975, I thought it was over; on the contrary, you have added to it with great expertise.  thanks. Jamey Creager

    Robert Goldsborough schrieb am 9:38 Montag, 14.März 2016:

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    • Dear Mr. Creager, Thanks so much for your generous comments. For some time, I had wanted Cramer to be “right” on a case, and this was the opportunity. And I thought is also was time for these two old “war horses” (or to use your term, “lions”) to sit down and reminisce.

      It is entirely possible that at some point down the road, we may see a bit more of Cramer’s world. By the way, have you ever read the Stout novel “Red Threads” (circa 1939)? It is a case Cramer solves–Wolfe and Archie do not appear in the story.

      Robert Goldsborough

  3. I became interested in Nero Wolfe in my teens after I read a short story (or perhaps a novella) in a mystery anthology that my mother had on her bookcase. I did not fully appreciate it at the time, but many years later I recalled it and decided to revisit Mr. Wolfe and Archie and their cohorts. I read every Rex Stout Nero Wolfe novella and novel, even buying the out-of-date issues that were hard to come by. I, too, mourned after reading the last one. And then while looking online for something that could keep my attention as well as those, I found out that you had published several Nero Wolfe/Archie Goodwin novels. I bought all that I could find though I did not expect to be as caught up in them, to be honest. I am so glad to find that I was dead wrong in that respect. You did capture the characters so well that I got just as involved in the stories as I did those of Mr. Stout’s. Then I finished your books and mourned again that there was nothing out there to equal any of the adventures of Mr. Wolfe. I was so lacking in good mysteries to enjoy until a couple of weeks ago when Amazon decided to recommend to me your newest publications. I am so glad that you wrote more! I particularly enjoyed Archie Meets Nero Wolfe. I always wondered about that. Though I do understand that you want to create your own characters, I know that you also understand my desire to visit with old friends or else you would not have written the additional cases of Nero Wolfe. Thank you so much for these books. I do hope that you will write more.

    • Dear Donna,

      Thank you so much for your kind comments about my Wolfe novels, particularly Archie Meets Nero Wolfe. For years I had wanted to create a story on how they might have met. Mr. Stout sprinkled a few–very few–mentions of how they became a team through his books, and I used these in my prequel, along with some details of my own creation. I continue writing Wolfe stories, my most recent being Stop the Presses! which was published this spring. And I am in the process of finishing another Wolfe-Goodwin caper, to be released in 2017.

      Thank you again for your encouragement,
      Robert Goldsborough

  4. Hi, Bob, just pre-ordered “Murder, Stage Left” and will try to be patient waiting for publication date. Really appreciate your continuing the series about my favorite sedentary sleuth and his faithful capable companion! John

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