Shadow of the Bomb

Against the ominous backdrop of America’s entry into World War II, the navy still reels from the devastation wreaked at Pearl Harbor and the crushing defeat of US ground troops in the Philippines.

On the home front, scientists at the University of Chicago under Enrico Fermi labor feverishly on a secret weapon that promises to reverse the fortunes of battle. However, sinister forces are at work on the outwardly serene Gothic campus, resulting in violent deaths.

While work grinds on in the shadowy catacombs beneath an abandoned football stadium–work that will forever alter our world–Chicago Tribune police reporter Steve Malek delves into the intrigue. Battling for an exclusive story and, ultimately, for his very life, Malek finds himself in the midst of history-in-the-making.



Quick Facts:

ISBN: 978-1-59080-351-6
Genre:Mystery (Golden Age)
Pages: 256
Price: $12.99 US $15.49 CAN