Setting My Stories Squarely in New York


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I was delighted to learn that my latest Nero Wolfe novel, “Murder, Stage Left,” has been warmly received by the publishing industry.

Publisher’s Weekly gave the book a starred review, calling it “Goldsborough’s superior 12th Nero Wolfe pastiche” and adding that “Even die-hard Rex Stout fans will have a hard time distinguishing Goldsborough’s prose and plotting from the originals.”

Booklist, the American Library Association publication, called it “a virtually perfect homage to the Rex Stout originals, from the orchids to the beer to the gourmet foods and, best of all, to Archie’s bemused, self-deprecating narration. Comfort food for fans of classic mysteries.”

Long before I was given the wonderful opportunity to write and publish the Nero Wolfe stories, I had always viewed Rex Stout’s creations as “the ultimate New York mystery series.” Mr. Stout placed his tales in the midst of the largest city in America, with numerous references to businesses, landmarks, and neighborhoods.

broadway-theaterWith New York, and specifically Manhattan, in mind, I have endeavored to work into my stories the businesses, entertainments,  and industries the city is famous for. “Murder, Stage Left” is a case in point, using the Broadway Theater as its backdrop. What other city has a theater scene to compare with that of the Big Apple?

Other New York strengths I have focused on in my books include: the advertising business (“Fade to Black”); book publishing (“The Missing Chapter”); newspapers (“Death on Deadline”); major league baseball (“Murder in the Ball Park”); and a symphony orchestra (“Murder in E Minor”).

So as an author, I say “Viva New York.”

8 thoughts on “Setting My Stories Squarely in New York

  1. Hi, Bob–What a teaser. Reading that review makes it even harder to wait for my pre-ordered copy of “Murder, Stage Left”. Incidentally, this is the first time in my 81 years of life I can wear my Cubs cap into the winter without embarrassment. Best regards to you and family. John Lenz

  2. Great to hear another Nero Wolfe book will be coming out, I’ve very much enjoyed your continuation of the series.

    I notice there’s only a paperback option for the book for preorders :

    I hope there will be a Kindle option like your earlier books when it comes out (I’d love to buy the paperback but sadly as the number of books I have hit four figures I no longer have the room to buy more books and I’ve never had the heart to get rid of an existing one).

  3. Bobby: Do you think your vivid imagination was helped by those extensive fantasy sessions we had together at your hose when we were kids? One of them involved what we would do with a million dollars and the other one had something to do with some fictional woman who did outlandish things, I do remember I could race down the street to your house in the afternoon between Superman and that cowboy show without missing any of the adventure. Don Bienfang of 149 Geneva Ave many years ago.

  4. Hi Robert, Congratulations on the warm welcome for your latest Nero Wolfe work. I always read your Trib obituaries. I write obits for the Sun-Times. Is there an email where I can send you something that might be fun/of interest? It’s about a documentary on obituary writers. I’m going to the screening and thought it would be fun to send the info to other obit writers I know. We’re a small group and it would be fun to meet others!
    Sincerely, Maureen O’Donnell

  5. I’m currently enjoying The Battered Badge. I try to get one of the first copies of each of your Nero Wolfe re-boots, being a 1/2 century Wolfe fan. Unfortunately, there is a serious mistake in the current book. I’m not one to nitpick (whether Wolfe eats veal cutlets or Archie wears a striped hat) but so far as I’ve read Badge, twice New Yorkers refer to the mob as “the outfit.” No one in NY calls the mob that; that is an exclusively Chicago term. Sorry but having been a witness (actively) in environment of the mob in NY, I know no one, repeat no one uses that Chicago term here – we’ll say “the mob,” “the mafia,” “organized crime,” or “OC” (the term law enforcement favors).

  6. Hi, Bob, received my copy of The Battered Badge. Expect to enjoy it as much as previous Wolfe books but will have to read it in short sessions due to eye problems with small type.

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