The Order of Things

murder-stage-left-goldsboroughThe arrival this month of “Murder, Stage Left” marks the publication of my 17th mystery novel. Below, in the order they were written in each series, are the titles.

Please note that while the Snap Malek mysteries are best read in sequence, it is far less important that my Nero Wolfe books be read in any order.)

Nero Wolfe Mysteries

  1. Murder in E Minor
  2. Death on Deadline
  3. Fade to Black
  4. The Bloodied Ivy
  5. The Last Coincidence
  6. Silver Spire
  7. The Missing Chapter
  8. Archie Meets Nero Wolfe
  9. Murder in the Ballpark
  10. Archie in the Crosshairs
  11. Stop the Presses!
  12. Murder, Stage Left

Snap Malek Chicago Mysteries

  1. Three Strikes You’re Dead
  2. Shadow of the Bomb
  3. A Death in Pilsen
  4. A President in Peril
  5. Terror at the Fair


3 thoughts on “The Order of Things

  1. I have been wanting to thank you for some time. Your work and extraordinary talent in finding the voices of Nero and Archie, as well as the rest of the Wolfe team, is unmatched. You have provided me and thousands of others who love the brownstone with many hours of enjoyment. Thank you!

  2. I was slightly offended that RG said that you did not have to read his NW books in order—-they are good like that BUT they are much better read in order. I do agree that the RG Nero Wolf novels are wonderful–and are very close to the ones Rex Stout wrote.
    Definitely worth a read.

  3. Just pre-ordered Bob’s next Nero Wolfe book, due out next May I believe. The Nero Wolfe/Archie Goodwin books are always eagerly awaited by me. John Lenz

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