Stairway to Nowhere Release

goldsborough-stairwayBetween 2005 and 2010, I was privileged to publish, through Echelon Press, five mystery novels featuring Steve “Snap” Malek, a police reporter for the Chicago Tribune, which happens to be an old employer of mine. These books, set in Chicago between 1938 and 1949, chronicle Malek’s adventures while investigating murders, and in the process, he runs into both fictional characters and famous people of the era. These legends include Al Capone, actress Helen Hayes, baseball star Dizzy Dean, architect Frank Lloyd Wright, nuclear physicist Enrico Fermi, President Harry Truman, ill-starred carmaker Preston Tucker, and Walt Disney.

Now, after a gap of seven years, I have published another Malek volume, “Stairway to Nowhere, A Snap Malek Reader.” It consists of the title novella plus five shorter Malek stories. “Stairway” itself takes place in the Chicago of the mid-20th century and is set against a racially changing district on the city’s sprawling South Side. Like my previous Malek stories, this fictional tale also brings in some historical characters, including a famous black preacher of the era. “Stairway to Nowhere” is available through Amazon, as are my five previous Malek books: “Three Strikes You’re Dead”; “Shadow of the Bomb”; “A Death in Pilsen”; “A President in Peril”; and “Terror at the Fair.”

16 thoughts on “Stairway to Nowhere Release

  1. Hi Bob, That is Great News, Will you be doing a signing and the book store in Glen Ellyn ? So I can purchase it there instead of Amazon. Thank you for the update, Cheryl


    • Hi Cheryl,

      No, on this book I won’t be doing a Glen Ellyn signing. You can get the book on Amazon. But…if you prefer, I would be happy to send you a signed copy if you give me your address and send me a check for $15. In April, I’ll have a new Nero Wolfe book out titled “The Battered Badge.” For that book, I will be doing a Glen Ellyn signing. I’ll let you know when I set a date. Thanks as always for your support!


  2. Hello Mr. Goldsborough. My name is Amanda and I live in AR. I have a drawing that looks like a self portrait of you drawn in Feb of 1990. I found it in some things that belonged to my Uncle who lived in Chicago. If you would email me I will send you a pic to see if it is really you. This was the only way I could find to get in contact with you.

  3. Having collected Rex Stout’s books since 1969, I have all of your post-Rex books, many first editions. Thanks for bringing the Corpus back to life. From Feb. 1 to today, I’ve read all of the Snap Malek books EXCEPT “A President in Peril.” Frankly Bob, I can’t in good conscience pay $490+ for a used book. Will Echelon sell any backlog copies? Or print some new ones? I’m hurting here! Tony S.

    • Hi! I have the same complaint too! We really want “A President in Peril” in paper too, and now the price on Amazon is hitting $5000+ for a used book! Any way there will be another run?

  4. Hi, Bob, Just preordered Death of an Art Collector and looking forward to another joyful day reading Wolfe’s shenanigans. Really enjoyed The Battered Badge also.

    • I advance ordered it through Amazon – always grateful to have another Wolfe to read. Thanks for keeping the flame burning.

      • Hi, Bob, best regards to you and family. Just pre=ordered “Archie Goes Home” . At my age pre-ordering a book due for release next year is definitely optimistic LOL Sounds like this is an overdue chance for Archie to strut his stuff without Wolfe? John Lenz

      • Hi John,

        Good to hear from you! Spoiler-alert: Archie doesn’t quite go it alone here. Wolfe does make an appearance, and at some distance from the brownstone.



  5. I finished my last Nero Wolfe book 30 years ago, having read them all. I was not interested in anything offered by a pretender to the throne, so never sampled your work. My loss! During a post-surgery recuperation, my wife brought me “Archie Meets Nero Wolfe” from the Denver Public Library. I was amazed at how well you captured the feel of Rex Stout’s style. The topic, of how Goodwin met Wolfe, cried out for elucidation and you did it beautifully (I was taken aback at how 19 year-old Archie, who admittedly had never held a pistol before, was able to take out two distant thieves at night using only two shots, but that is a mere quibble and probably not demonstrating enough appreciation for Archie’s significant gifts)!

    You book was worth having surgery for (well, almost), but I will not await another ailment to read the rest of your work, both Wolfe and non-Wolfe.

    Excellent work – thank you!

    • Dear Mr. Eley,

      Thank you so much for your kind words about my continuation of the Nero Wolfe stories. I very much appreciate it. As to Archie killing two men on his job as a Hudson River pier guard: It may indeed have been some improbable shooting for a 19-year-old, but I picked up Archie’s own words in the Rex Stout story “Fourth of July Picnic, from the 1958 book “And Four Two Go,” in which he says “…got a job guarding a pier, shot and killed two men and was fired…”
      I hope you continue to enjoy my stories.
      Robert Goldsborough

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